Vegetarian and Vegan Prague

When you first arrive in the Czech Republic, it can seem as though the only non-meat options available to you are cheese, pickled cheese, and fried cheese. If you’re vegan, then the choices are even more limited – bread, potatoes and cabbage, with perhaps some rice every now and then. While traditional Czech cuisine does … More Vegetarian and Vegan Prague

Tábor Beer Festival

Now, as you may know, I am rather fond of beer these days. While Prague is full of amazing places to drink and discover the stuff, sometimes it’s nice to go further afield in the quest for a nice pink (well, half litre). It was over a year ago when we first discovered Tábor’s annual … More Tábor Beer Festival

Snapshots of Prague

They say a picture speaks 1000 words. So, here are a whole ton of words for you, in photo form. Sometimes it’s hard to really explain what it’s like living in Prague from day to day, so I’m hoping that these pictures will shed light on the whole experience a little more…

Prague’s Interesting, Cheap and Wonderful Restaurants

Firstly, I realise that I hardly ever actually write about Prague. Secondly, I’ve been here for over a year already (how did that happen?) and have managed to discover a lot of great places to eat and drink (even if hard liquour is currently banned… grr!). I thought I’d share with you some of my … More Prague’s Interesting, Cheap and Wonderful Restaurants

Exploring Karlovy Vary

Barely 2 hours from Prague lies the beautiful town of Karlovy Vary. Famous for its natural spas, every summer sees tourists flock to soothe their aching muscles in its healing waters. For many, it is a magical place, while others (including my guide book) see it as one massive tourist trap overcrowded with Russian hypochondriacs. … More Exploring Karlovy Vary