Snapshots of Prague

They say a picture speaks 1000 words. So, here are a whole ton of words for you, in photo form. Sometimes it’s hard to really explain what it’s like living in Prague from day to day, so I’m hoping that these pictures will shed light on the whole experience a little more…

At the Beer Museum
Some girls swimming in the Vltava during Gay Pride
On a walk around Barrandov
Cherry blossoms in Dejvicka
This shack-like building, with its smoking chimney, was a pub we found on a walk around Hlubočepy
The fairground at Stromovka
Autumn leaves and dogs
A food stand at one of the many festivals that go on during the summer
A multicultural festival in Vysočany – a man dances to the music
At the same festival, husky puppies and people gather around an Indian tea tent

3 thoughts on “Snapshots of Prague

  1. Love that pub-shack in Prokopak (Prokopske Udoli – Hlubocepy) – used to call in for a cold one (Hubertus, I think) after I’d been cycling round there.

  2. Hello! It seems that you guys had good time in Prague! It’s not common that expat people go to explore those places ! Good job! hope to see you one day for a pivo!

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