Prague: The Senate’s Secret Garden

If you want a pretty little place to hang out away from the throngs of tourists, I’ve found one.

Near Malostranská metro station, through a little gate in the wall, lies the Senate – and its pretty garden. We were lucky enough to discover this place when a Czech friend of mine (who is learning Welsh – awesome and unrelated story!) showed it to us.

There were mazes which felt a bit “Alice in Wonderland”, fountains, people reading and white peacocks. A little later, we walked up a statue-dotted path to the senate building, which has a beautifully painted ceiling (from what I could see). Beside it lies the creepiest wall I’ve ever seen – it looks as if the rock is melting, but if you look closely you can see animals and faces hidden in the stone. Perhaps even creepier – in part of the rock-face is a cage full of owls. For those of you who don’t know how owls freak me out, check out the Owl of the Abyss (my Japan blog). Still, it’s a nice little place, and I just thought I’d let you know about it.

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If you want to visit the park, you can find it here – Google maps link. 

One thought on “Prague: The Senate’s Secret Garden

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