Food + Simple Living

It’s not just about travelling. It’s about seeing the world, learning to appreciate what you’ve got, and looking at ways that you can help to make that world a better place.

Through my posts about travel, I hope to present a vision of travel that is affordable, sustainable and a lot more “real” than what you’d get from a package tour.

I’m also passionate about living in a way that causes as little damage to the planet and other people as possible. This is not always achieved; there are plenty of times I’ve flown when I could have taken a train, or eaten meat when I didn’t need to.

But for the main part, I’m learning every day about ways I can simplify my life, and how I can cook dishes that are delicious, healthy and don’t cost the earth. I aim to learn from lifestyles across the world and to show that the Western way of living, with its focus on growth and consumption, will be impossible to sustain as the population grows and our resources are depleted.




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