USA: Road tripping around America!

I’m doing a three month road trip around the USA and Canada! I know I haven’t written for a long time, and there’s a lot to update, including that I’ve moved back to Prague. But more about that later.

So, a few months ago my friend Anna told me that she had been planning and saving for

Austin rodeo, Texas

a US/Canada road trip for years. She needed somebody to come and drive with her, and she asked if I wanted to join her. I had just broken up with my husband and had no idea whether I was going to stay in Romania, move back to the UK or Prague, or go somewhere else entirely. Because life is short, I agreed to join her!

We booked our tickets back in August last year and have been meticulously planning ever since. This is not one of your “get a car and see where the road takes us” situations – we have planned it all out day by day, which is how we have managed to pay for a very small percentage of our accommodation, thanks to Couchsurfing and our network on contacts throughout the lands (the beauty of living in different countries).

Rather than posting everything in here, we have actually started a new blog for our adventures, which you can access here: Gwynnie and Anna’s Magical Mystery USA and Canada Road Trip! 

Miami beach in panorama

So far, we have been through Texas, New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and now we’re in Orlando, Florida! We’re doing an anti-clockwise loop back to Dallas, and will be here until the 9th of June!

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