Prague: Views from Vyšehrad

A couple of weeks ago, we took the Metro (red line) to Vysehrad and walked around the old castle walls looking at Prague from every side. The sky was a perfect blue, with photogenic clusters of clouds reflecting the sunlight and giving the photos a dreamlike quality. Behold, the city in which I now live:

I’m sorry, Japan, but as much as I enjoyed you – the views of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower were just nothing like this. Most cities in Japan, when viewed from above, offer a dreary, grey eyeful of buildings, dragging on for miles, with no discerning features. And yet, here we have Prague, which is as civilised a city as you could ever need – and it hasn’t felt the need to destroy its old buildings or to erect massive neon signs everywhere. It has moved into the 21st century without changing what it is at the core. You can still find neon, nightclubs, gambling, technology, and yet you will find it in a building carved from 13th century stone or down a cobbled alleyway. How could I not be enchanted by this?

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