Prague: The course begins

Well, I’ve been here for three days now, and I’m feeling a little better. I still haven’t really seen the city but I’ve walked over Charles Bridge twice, seen the castle, consumed a lot of beer and eaten some dumplings. The people on our course mostly seem really cool, so we’ve been hanging out a lot with some of them. While a lot of touristy places are “expensive”, they still seem cheap compared to North Wales or London. In the cheaper areas, a beer is around 24Kc (less than £1). I had a bagel and a large coffee for £3 the other morning and a mojito, smoothie and a calzone for around £14 tonight – good times!

The course seems hard… after a very long day, I can speak a little Czech, I know what the expect from the course and I have come to realise that I was probably an awful teacher back in Japan. We were thrown into lesson planning within a few hours, though… and tomorrow, our second day, we have to teach real Czech students! It’s been pretty stressful, especially when we’re made to do group work, which – being a control freak – is not my favourite thing. It was especially clever of them to group me permanently in with Jeff… yeah, put a couple in a group together, what could go wrong?

Anyway. I’m tired and my brain is fragmented. I’m struggling with what I believe about the riots currently going on in the U.K. and worrying about the group lesson for tomorrow, despite the fact that I’ve taught so many classes before. Here are some photos of Prague.

“Jesus is my saviour” in Hebrew… after the Jews were forced to build it?!

Yes, that’s Absinthe ice cream.

One thought on “Prague: The course begins

  1. Hey Gwynnie,

    Hope you’re getting settled in more now. Be grateful that you aren’t dealing with Japan’s summer temps!!

    I love the shaving poster you’ve put on here. It’s so very random, and maybe a little bit Japanese in its complete lack of sense!!

    Hope all is good with you x x

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