Slovenia: Ptuj + Laseno (Travelling during the pandemic)

Yes…  I travelled during the pandemic. My defence (if you feel I need one): the country where I live, the Czech Republic, was doing very well in terms of case numbers back in summer 2020. While my home country was being devastated by COVID, we sat comfortably in a country that had experienced less than … More Slovenia: Ptuj + Laseno (Travelling during the pandemic)

Does Travel Ruin Your Life?

Some thoughts on travelling, “coming home”, building a life and what happens as free-spirited travellers start to get older. Type “travel ruins your life” or something similar into Google, and you’ll find a whole list of articles that claim that travelling has ruined their authors’ ability to live a normal existence. They’re mostly written tongue-in-cheek, coming … More Does Travel Ruin Your Life?